Protecting The Environment


Dawson Tyres Services Fleet Management are very conscientious of these activities the regard to the environment in reducing the carbon footprint.

Our proactive service and systems ensures our customers are maximising their asset in service with planned tyre maintenance and recycling to reduce fuel consumption and raw materials.


Vehicle Alignment

Environment Policy

Correct vehicle wheel alignment can reduce fuel consumption by up to 5% as well as saving on tyre costs.


Dawson Tyre Services Fleet Management will endeavour to co-operate with all regulatory authorities, thereby complying with current environmental legislation and recommendations and will pass its aims onto all employees and customers.



Dawson Tyre Service Environment Policy

Regrooving lowers rolling resistance which extends a tyre's life and reduces fuel consumption.


Dawson Tyre Services Fleet Management will try to limit its impact on the environment via reduction of energy usage, use of recyclable materials and elimination of the accidental release of pollutants. The company will also actively encourage the remoulding, regrooving and correct management of tyres to save energy and raw material consumption.

 Pressure Maintenance


Maintaining the correct tyre pressure reduces tyre wear, extends a tyres life and reduces fuel consumption. Optimum tyre pressures can vary depending on loads and road conditions.

A tyre has up to five lives including regrooving and can be retreaded using just 25% of the raw materials of a new tyre. Good for your pocket - good for the environment.

Casing Managemnet

Our Casing Retread Partners

Tyres are disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.Over the past five years we have developed a sophisticated electronic casing management system that ensures all tyre casings are tracked and either recycled or retreaded for further use.

Bandvulc, Bandag, Bridgestone, Goodyear/Dunlop, Michelin, Vacu-lug, TTS